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Remortgage to a lower Mortgage rate

The Mortgage Girl  is an Independent, Whole of Market, Mortgage company. This  means that we search hundreds of different lenders in order to find our clients the best mortgage deals on the market. 

As we source and compare these deals on your behalf, you have the peace of mind that the selected mortgage deal is the best possible for your specified circumstances. So instead of approaching your bank, who will only source deals from one lender, contact The Mortgage Girl to provide a whole of market for remortgage comparison!

It is a well-known fact that over 40% of everyone with a mortgage in the UK are paying a higher rate than they need to be.  Yet it is possible to move from this deal to a lower rate, often with no fees payable. As a mortgage payment is probably your largest monthly Direct Debit, why not challenge us to save you money?

The Remortgage process takes six to eight weeks from start to finish. If you contact us approximately two months before your deal ends, we can prepare the move to your new deal (or new lender) on the day the old deal moves to a different (often higher) rate. 

Alternatively provide us with the details of your mortgage end date now even if it does not come to an end for several months. One of the team at The Mortgage Girl will then contact you a little while before this date to begin research on your behalf for the best mortgage deals available.

If you want to remortgage to release equity, remortgage with bad credit, remortgage to consolidate debt, we will complete a remortgage comparison.  We can also consider second charge mortgages for you.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then act now. Simply complete the Contact Us form on this page, or call us on 01752 749655.

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