First Time Buyer Lounge

Welcome to the First Time Buyer Lounge

Here you will find all of our Mortgage Videos. These free video guides contain all the information that you will require, as a First Time Buyer, if you are completing some research on your Mortgage options.

There are several short videos, during which we explain who The Mortgage Girl are and how we are supporting our potential clients by giving free access to explanatory videos, calculators and guides to answer your Mortgage questions.

The main videos are entitled: Getting Started, What to expect, What is a Decision in Principle, Application to Completion, Costs for a MortgageHelp for First Time Buyers and Real Life First Time Buyers.

We have also produced a Jargon Buster Guide that explains the many complicated mortgage terms, as well as a testimonial video from our First Time Buyer clients, Lewis and Lucy, who wanted to share their experience of buying their first home.

At The Mortgage Girl, we have provided many First Time Buyer Clients with helpful Mortgage Advice and information. We will answer all your questions clearly and provide you with the information and you need to make an educated decision on your Mortgage options.

The Mortgage Journey

Real Life First Time Buyers

Costs for a Mortgage

Getting Started

Help for First Time Buyers

The Mortgage Girl Recruitment

What is a Decision in Principle?

What to Expect

Application to Completion

What to expect as a first time buyer